Terms and conditions
  • All sales are final.
  • Order must be paid prior to work being completed.
  • Custom orders under $200.00 are required to be paid in full. Custom orders over $201.00 require a non-refundable 50% deposit, remaining balance to be paid upon completion of your order. (Must speak with Stacey Michelle for approval)
  • Rush Rates- An additional 50% fee will be applied to any order with in 5 days of due date. Example: if the project is normally $100, with the rush fee, the project would total $150 ($100 order + $50 fee).
  • 2.9% admin fee will be charged to each invoice based on the total amount. When paying cash, admin fee will be waived.
  • All services are non-refundable but can by rescheduled, as long as the date is available.

Effective 5/10/2021

  • Non-refundable design deposit of $10.00 will be required to start. Design fee will be applied to order. ~Limited design edits (3 Basic)
  • Cash payments will receive an electronic promise to pay contract.